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The Possible Nihilistic Devil Worship of Larry Alex Taunton, Who Might Also Smell Really Bad

by Penn Jillette

Larry Alex Taunton, who wrote “The Faith of Christopher Hitchens,” claims to be an evangelical Christian, but a post published right here – a post which he might explicitly and forcefully deny, saying it’s some sort of joke – could claim that Larry might actually be a devil-worshiping follower of Anton Szandor LaVey, but Larry, (possibly called “Larry the Fairy” by some of his really close, loving, respectful open-minded friends) couldn’t let people know the truth because being an evangelical Christian is his job and stuff, right? He’s really locked himself into this whole “defender of the Gospel” thing.

“Wanton Taunton” (the name some prostitute might have possibly given him at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, where I might have heard implied obliquely somewhere that he was a really bad tipper and his penis stunk like root beer barrels that had gone bad) refers to himself as an evangelical Christian, but you can’t trust what a man writes about his own beliefs on his own website, or in his own books, or in every single interview he’s ever given — and you certainly can’t trust what he says to all his real friends. You’ve got to get the real information from someone else and it’s even better if you get that information after the person in question is dead. Right?